Are you one of the American Business Owners, Developers, or homeowners who is under attack by MultiBank,LLC. Did you diligently keep to the terms of your loan, kept on your schedule, and hit milestones only to have the lender fail to complete funding your loan? To add insult to injury, the FDIC turned their back on your request to fund completion and then sold your loan to a wealthy development group at 8 cents on the dollar. And the final blow is the shunning of your requests for workout, denials of strong offers, the brushing aside of efforts to even communicate with the end result of Foreclosure and then finally attack for your guarantee? It is a crime!


Understand that the FDIC took the assets of failed banks and gave them away in a “sweet-heart-deal” to a larger national competitor along with a 0% loan for 7 to 10 years so they could complete the project you started. They stole the property away in foreclosure, saying you could have just paid it off (anyone in finance knows that it is impossible to get a half completed construction project funded). Their final target though are the final assets of your business and livelihood- your development company.


WE ARE HERE TO ORGANIZE THE FIGHT ! You can’t sit back and hope the foreclosure will end it all. Their strategy is to delay the foreclosure to increase your liability and then attack your assets at all costs. Their hope is a settlement from you as your last desperate attempt to survive. Your Government is supporting this destruction of small American business but not taking action. The FDIC set up the deal, unfortunately they did not see where it would lead.