You are NOT ALONE, nor without support.  Due to what we feel were unethical and immoral business decisions by the major financial institutions, there are now over 6 million homeowners currently in foreclosure.  As victims of a greedy industry and the downturn in the economy, we look to provide you with information and solutions to provide you with the best outcome in a seemingly hopeless situation.


The team at has been in the business of helping homeowners in foreclosure for over 20 years. Having worked with over 3,200 homeowners, Bob Faulis, has specialized in the foreclosure defense industry for the last 6 years.  Our attorney advisory team has specialized in mortgage banking issues and resolutions during the Savings and Loans crisis of the 80’s and the current meltdown in 2008.  With some members being sought out by banks and even the FDIC, they offer unique insight into the legalities of your mortgage.  Because banks continually change their foreclosure strategies, you need some ongoing learning, resources, and determination to ensure your best outcome.
Note: The information on this site is not meant to be used as legal advice but only for general informational purposes.
Always check with an Attorney for any point of law